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TST Productions is a full service bookings agency and showproduction house. With over 10 years of experience in the field of show business, we have managed to built a very strong client base in the tv/media, fashion & event industry.

Our services cover your complete production, from casting to coaching, from project to stage management to a fully serviced production of your show or event. Every production is a tailor sized project, so every client has their own unique production that is a perfect mix between creativity, strategy and vision.

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In order to deliver strong audio-visual support for every showcase, we collaborate with an expert in their field, Vision Impossible.

Vision Impossible is an audio-visual production company, specialized in making video shows for events. Amongst our clients are the biggest dance events, concert productions, award shows and business events in Holland and abroad.


Fashion (TV) commercials / lookbooks

Since a couple of years we see a significant increase of professional dancers who are booked for (tv) commercials and lookbooks for triple A accounts in the fashion and retail industry. Are you looking for a strong look combined with professional dance skills to support the branding of your product? For every type of client there is a fitting partner, just like in a dance routine.

casting van dansers

Casting of dancers & models

We cast through out the year, almost 24/7 and are always looking for new talented dancers and models. Therefore we have a database of more then 400 internationals and provide in an unique mix of amazing professionals with a proven track record and new and upcoming talents.

Ofcourse there are many clients that have a very strong mindset of the type of dancers that they prefer in their production, so we also provide in customized client castings.

Push it events

A good health, breaking bounderies, overcoming your fears, being ambitious but most of all having fun in what you do, are the core values of every dancer. We have integrated these character qualities in our especially designed management motivational sessions for the business industry. While you and your employees are enjoying an amazing interactive teambuilding event, we teach everyone that change is not something to be afraid of, but that you grow as you change and that it’ s fun at the same time aswell! Done with all the boring board meetings and same old presentations? Book a PUSH IT EVENT!
We will guarantee to boost your companies teambuilding spirit. Eager to learn more? Look at our Push it Events page for further details.

Talent Academy - Dance2Perform

This concept is our exclusive qualification program, THE concept of the future. Our main goal is to train & develop ambitious dancers to gain access to the professional dance industry. There are many amazing new talents that have no clue what to do or where to go after graduating from college. Dance 2 Perform has created a one of a kind monthly training program that includes plenty of things, including masterclasses from the best choreographers. Are you eager to learn more? Check our Dance 2 Perform page for further details.


Casting of choreographers

Casting the right choreographer – stage coache is the key element to a successful production! We have strong colaborations with renowed top choreographers, not just in the Netherlands but also in Europe and the US. Each choreographer has his or her own signature style, which bring something unique to the table. Once a client has formed an opinion on the type of showproduction you need, we cast the best fit choreographer for that specific show, so they can help you to bring your visions to live and translate it into a mind blowing production.


TST has expended her services with our own location, TST STUDIOS. We feature over 468 square footage of professional space, including 2 offices and 2 studios. Our main goal is to make you and your production team feel at home while working. You can rent our location for rehearsals, productions, workshops, training or auditions. Our team will happily provide you with more details with regards to all of our opportunities.

Want to know more? Check TST STUDIOS for further details.

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