Vision & Mission

In our industry we have many dancers and not as much paid jobs. Creating a successful career as a professional dancer is rather tough.

To aid & assist the upcoming new talents who arrive at our market, we created our exclusive program DANCE 2 PERFORM, school of arts.

In this highly exclusive monthly qualifications program we will guide you in your path with extraordinary specialized masterclasses & training material from the most outstanding choreographers with a proven track record.

At the end of each trainings program, you will receive a professional certificate and the best dancer / greatest talent will obtain a guaranteed booking in an existing show production.

We actively scout for this program, and do so by:

  • Personal invites
  • Castings & auditions
  • Limited exclusive masterclasses

Dance2Perform Teens

For a few years we've started Dance2Perform Teens, for the professional market. The ambassador for the teens talent camp is Ingrid Jansen, Dancer, choreographer, fashion vlogger and tv presentor. Talented teens, between 12 and 17 year old are, just as the adults, prepared for the commercial workfield. While training, some are already selected for certain productions and can have their first professional experience.

Besides ambassador Gerald van Windt, the following top choreographers and stage coaches are committed to this program:

  • Natasja Lammers
  • Isabelle Beernaert
  • Roy Julen
  • Laurent Flament
  • And for each audition we have a few special guests.

Would you like to know if you are to be considered for DANCE 2 PERFORM, the school of arts?

More information will follow shortly, sign up with us, follow us and keep an eye out on our Facebook page!

DANCE 2 PERFORM, the school of arts?

Sign up with us, follow us and keep an eye out on our Facebook page!

Dance2Perform auditions
Dance2Perform auditions
Dance2Perform auditions

"A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step"